How to Plan Your Sales Call Like a Pro to Create and Win New Business
In this course you will learn how to determine where your buyer is in their buying process and how to align your outcomes with your buyers.
  • How to identify the outcomes you must achieve during the sales call to create and win new opportunities.
  • How to create enough value to deserve the commitment you are asking your prospect to agree to.
  • How to identify the stakeholders you need to bring from your team and who you need from your client’s team.
  • How to build a list of questions that allow you to understand your client’s needs in a way that will compel them to move forward with you.
  • What proof should you be prepared to provide to support the outcomes you need during a sales call.
  • The one question that can save you from failing to achieve the outcome you need during a sales call.
  • How to differentiate yourself and your offering from your competitors.
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